The Best Cat Trees

You might ask why did we write all these cat tree reviews? Well, we (me and my wife) recently bought one of these for our own cats, so we learned a lot in the process. We learned a lot about several specific models that we researched. We felt a little overwhelmed because we found so many different options, some good and some pretty bad. We left out the bad ones.

Our Cat Tree Reviews

These are our reviews. Read through them all if you like, you should be able to get a pretty good idea about each of these options just by even doing a quick read-through. It’s interesting to see the different approaches to construction and the different materials used in some of these cat trees.

Molly and Friends “Jungle Gym” Cat Tree – 66″ Tall – Our Review - This 5-tier tree is made from natural and solid ingredients like pine and sisal, right here in the USA. It measures 66 inches at its tallest point and 36 inches by 24 inches on its base. Its solid non-modular design uses construction staples and screws instead of glue, so carpet and rope stay right where they belong.
Kitty Ball Rattan Cat Bed – 28″ Tall – Our Review - The Kitty Ball Rattan Cat Bed is the perfect bed for your kitty. Its two piece bolt-together construction is simple to assemble, yet extremely sturdy and durable. Inside the dome, which measures at 17 inches, is a color-matched cushion to provide extra comfort. The poly rattan wicker frame will withstand your cat's scratching, and the cushion is durable enough to hold up to multiple cat homes, but soft enough that your kitties will love it.
Contoure Cat Tower – 68″ Tall – Our Review - This cat tree has four platforms that are covered in a short loop carpet that your cats will enjoy laying on. The carpet pieces are easily removed in case your kitty decides to scratch them. At almost six feet tall, this tree will prove a great perch for your cat to enjoy, and the small 22 x 26 inch base keeps it from dominating your house.
PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge – 10″ Tall – Our Review - The Pet Fusion Cat Scratcher Lounge is a curvy combination of scratcher and lounge for your cat. Its curved design provides maximum comfort, and it is made out of corrugated cardboard, which is a product that cats are naturally attracted to. The large surface area allows it to accommodate larger cats, or one extremely large feline.
GoPetClub Cat Tree – 72″ Tall – Our Review - The GoPetClub Cat Tree, which is a massive 50 x 26 inches at the base and measures 72 inches high, is full of great features that your cats will most assuredly enjoy. The sturdy wood pieces are held together with fasteners, as opposed to glue. This means that if they start to loosen or get wobbly a simple tightening should fix the problem. The cat tree also has three tower-style perches, as well as two kitty-condos and multiple hanging toy mice for your feline's playing pleasure.
The Refined Feline “Cat Cloud” Shelves – Our Review - The Refined Feline Cat Cloud shelving unit is the perfect way to provide your cats with a perch that they will enjoy jumping to and laying on, all without taking up any floor space. The shelves feature a sturdy one-piece metal design that easily mounts to your wall. They are topped with a padded faux sheepskin cushion that utilizes magnets to keep them attached to your cat cloud.
The Refined Feline “Lotus” Cat Tower – 69″ Tall – Our Review - The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower features a beautiful design that will look good in any home. The wood frame screws together, meaning no messy glue, and it has many features that your kitty will enjoy. The pedestals, or platforms, are padded with Berber carpet that is attached to the tower using Velcro. There is also a large sisal rope scratching area for your kitties to enjoy.
The Molly and Friends Pinnacle Handmade Cat Tree Molly and Friends “Pinnacle” Extra-Tall Handmade Cat Tree – 90″ Tall – Our Review - The Molly and Friends "Pinnacle" Extra-Large Premium Handmade Cat Tree is perfect for cats of all sizes. It has large beds and rest areas where your furry friends can sleep and play. Even if your cats get a little rough and rowdy, this cat tree can hold up well with its durable and solid construction.
The Molly and Friends Layabout 3-Tier Cat Tree Molly and Friends “Layabout” Handmade 3-Tier Cat Tree – 54″ Tall – Our Review - The Molly and Friends "Layabout" Premium Handmade 3-Tier Cat Tree comes with large beds and rest areas for cats of all sizes. You pets can jump and play all they want on this tree without having to worry that their new home might break or tip over. This handmade cat furniture is made of only the most durable materials.
Cat sitting on the Molly and Friends Feline Recliner Scratching Post Molly and Friends “Feline Recliner” Premium Handmade Scratching Post – 34″ Tall – Our Review - The Molly and Friends Feline Recliner serves as an excellent resting place for cats big and small. More than just providing a wonderful sleeping area, this sturdy cat furniture is also a great playing spot for your beloved pets. Everything is made of durable materials. It’s also carpeted for added comfort.

Why all the cat tree reviews?

All the cat trees here are good quality options. These cat trees all possess the qualities that we feel makes up a good cat tree.

What qualities are we talking about here? Sturdiness, fun for both sleeping and playing, ability to handle larger cats and good construction quality.

We don’t consider the necessity to assemble a cat tree to be a negative, the ones here that require assembly are very sturdy when completely constructed. They also don’t take very long to put together, surprisingly enough.

One thing we do consider to be a necessity is sisal-wrapped scratching posts. We don’t feel that carpeted-only scratching posts are entirely appealing to cats. At least in our experience. All these models have sisal-wrapped posts.

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