Video: How to Make a Cat Condo

We review a lot of pre-made, easy-to-set-up cat trees on this site, but some people might prefer to just make one on their own. It can be fun to make your own because you can get creative with the design, or build to a specific size or schematic for your living situation. Here’s a good, […]

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Declawing Cats Poses Dangers

In my opinion, people get their cats declawed for reasons selfish to the owner of the cat as opposed to thinking about how it will affect the cat. Declawed cats might not be able to scratch furniture, but you can cause a lot of other problems by declawing your cats. It’s much better to let […]

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How to Keep Cats Off of Furniture

Cats are pretty stubborn, or at least mine are. I don’t know about yours, but I’m willing to be they are stubborn too. In my experience, it’s been tougher to train cats to stay off of furniture than dogs. How can you train a cat to keep off of furniture? Here’s a couple tips: Nimble […]

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Furniture For Refined Felines

I got a kick out of this video. Not only is the design “refined”, but the vocalizations and fonts are as well. It made me laugh, even the string music in the background added to the effect. Nonetheless, this is some pretty interesting cat furniture. This stuff is designed to fit into a home a […]

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Detailed Photos Of A Cat Condo Build

I ran across this photo album of a guy and his dad building a cat condo over the course of a weekend. It’s a pretty sweet design, and I like how the photos here give a good view into what is underneath all that carpeting on most cat condos. Check out the album here.

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