Refined Feline Cat Furniture Has a Unique, Different Look

I was checking out some different types of cat furniture out there and wanted to share a brand that has been jumping out at me for a while. I’ve never tried any of their furniture myself, but it does get good reviews from people that buy it, and it looks different than the standard carpeted cat trees and stuff that you usually see.

The cat furniture I’m talking about is made by Refined Feline, made by a company out in New York. This is a small company that makes great stuff, they think about what the cat owners want as well as what the cats themselves want. You can learn a little more about their background on their website.

Some of the stuff that I like from them, and that others have liked, are the cat trees, perches and beds. Here’s a few samples of what they offer.

The Lotus Cat Tower

The Lotus Cat Tower is a more traditional type of cat tree, with multiple platforms and a vertical design. It has a very beautiful look and would likely be a more stylish addition to a home compared to a traditional carpeted cat tree.

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

This would compare to the many types of cat trees that we review on this site. We will be reviewing this one soon.

Kitty Ball Beds

These are pretty neat looking cat beds, called Ball Beds. The first one here is the Rattan Ball Bed, which is made with a faux rattan. It’s about half the price of the bamboo model shown next.

Kitty Ball Rattan Cat Bed

Here is the Bamboo Ball Bed, as you can see it is made out of bamboo instead of rattan.

Kitty Bamboo Ball Bed

Both of look like they would let your cat act like the proudly spoiled critter that he/she is. I know mine would love these.

Cat Shelves

Now these are something I desperately need in my home, cat shelves. My cats would love this. They like to climb high, and sleep there. For hours. And watch things from up there. For hours. Why not give them some platforms of their own? That way they can leave alone the cupboard tops and bookshelves (hopefully, fingers crossed).

Cat Cloud Cat Shelves

All of these furniture options are a little different than what people normally expect to see with cat furniture. Why not give them a shot? Your cats will like it, and if the style fits your home, it could be a win for you as well.