Moving Soon, Bringing the Cat Tree Along

Moving is always an interesting thing when you have cats. In my case, I’m going to be moving to a new apartment, about 2 blocks away, along with my wife, 3 cats, and a fish tank with 12 saltwater fish. That’s a lot of living beings that are going to be transplanted from one place to the next.

How will the cats cope?

I’m kind of wondering how the cats are going to like it, since they’ve been dug in pretty good at this current apartment for several years. I’m sure they’ll be fine, but there is definitely going to be some shock as far as moving to a new place goes. I’m sure that they will be curious about the new place and will want to crawl all over everything, which is why I’m glad that we are going to be bring out cat tree with.

That will help to keep them with some familiar things – they will have their same cat tree, cat beds, food dishes – all that kind of stuff. We’ll still have the same furniture, all that. So there will be a lot familiar things for them, even though the setting will be different.

On the ground now

One thing that I wonder about is the fact that we no longer have a balcony with a railing. In our current apartment, we are on the second floor, and our balcony is about 7 feet off the ground. Our cats like to sit on the balcony and look around, they have never jumped since it’s quite a ways down. If they did jump, it’s not far enough to get hurt (it’s also grassy down there) so we’re not too worried about it. They know enough that they will have a hard time getting back up, so it hasn’t been a problem.

However, in our new place, we are on the ground level.

There will be no balcony railing to contain the cats, and there will be an open grassy area (and neighborhood) that they can run out into from the porch. For that reason we may not be able to let them outside much if at all. They are not going to like that, if that is the case. They love to sit on the balcony in our current place, and I don’t know if they would like it too much if they had to just sit inside all the time and not be able to get fresh air anymore.

Other than that, everything else will be pretty similar for them.