After The Move…

Well, we managed to move the three cats to a different apartment quite easily, and in fact the cats seem to all have a lot better attitudes here.

Moving where?

We moved our three cats from a two-bedroom apartment to a two-bedroom apartment, but the new apartment added about 300 more square feet.

This is a good thing apparently, at least as far as the cats are concerned.

More space

They like the extra space, and they don’t seem to get on each others nerves as much so far. I think the fact that we brought all three of them here at the same time helped to equal the playing field as far as any territorial stuff goes too.

Not using the cat tree yet

They actually haven’t used the cat tree too much, but they are keeping themselves pretty busy climbing through the rest of the apartment so far, exploring stuff that is all new to them.

I’m pretty glad that everything turned out the way that it did. The move didn’t seem to upset them too much, and they are all pretty happy so far.


It’s pretty fun to watch them explore the new apartment. There are so many weird places that they try to climb to, and we’ve had to spend a good amount of time trying to find the cats in certain circumstances. Some times we come home and we have no idea where they might be hiding. I like to speculate where they might be hiding sometimes. Sometimes they come from above, on top of the cupboards. Sometimes they come out from behind furniture that I didn’t even know that they were capable of hiding behind.

New outdoor areas

Even right now, my wife has opened the sliding porch door and they are venturing out into the small patio area we have attached to our apartment. It’s on the ground floor, so they like the fact that they can walk onto some grass, they are not used to that.