How To Make Your Very Own Cat Tree Condo For Your Cats And Kittens

For those who have a cat or perhaps a number of them in your house and you simply will never long for them to actually destroy your own pieces of furniture, you must look into purchasing a Cat scratching post or perhaps a few Cat tree furniture. An excellent scratching post or cat tree condo that has a scratching post included in it could save you lots of money as well as headache.

Kittens get pleasure from sleeping on and also inside an exclusively constructed cat tree condo. A lot of kitten condos have an integrated house, along with fleece coated bed furniture, intended for cats sleep time. A number of in fact include a hammock, to allow them to sway themselves to bed.

But then, these cat furniture may tend to be expensive sometimes especially if you want to have the ones that has the most intricate features and add-ons. If you are in a budget, what you can actually do is to work and make your own cat tree condo.

Here’s how:

Create a condominium tree using real wood along with carpet or rug to provide your own cat a suitable risk-free space in order to sleep and play. Make use of old and unwanted carpet scraps as well as solid wood scraps to construct the tree. Make use of nice and clean carpet. The actual carpet doesn’t necessarily have to be precisely the same shade or design within the rest of the tree. Wrap rope all over the central portion of the tree intended for scratching.

Remember – Even in cases where your own cat has been declawed already, the cat continues to have the actual norms of behavior to try and do the particular moves of scratching.

  1. Cover up just about all the solid wood using carpet. Make sure to secure and perfectly attach the carpet with the help of nails as well as staples. Make sure to wrap rope all around the part of the actual pole. Make use of nails as well as staples to keep the rope constantly in place.
  2. Make use of the power drill to create pockets around the pole in the places you would like shelves. Work with the screws to install a section of the bracket towards the pole. Drill down holes on the shelf. Attach the opposite section of the bracket towards the shelf. Keep going right up until you’ve got all of the shelves and also landings you would like to create.
  3. Fully stand up the actual condo tree by the wall. Check it out by means of pressing down on different parts of the tree to make sure that it truly is secure.
  4. Spread cat nip over the carpet.

So these are the step by step process on how to create the perfect space for your cats or kittens. Enjoy this wonderful project which will cut down the cost in almost half.