Three New Cat Tree Condo Reviews

We’ve just finished publishing three new cat tree condo reviews – all are Molly and Friends models. We really like these cat trees, they are very high quality and they offer cats a very sturdy and comfortable environment.

A scratching post with a platform

The first new review was the Molly and Friends “Feline Recliner” which is a great scratching post and platform combination. It is taller than an average scratching post and very solid.

A 3 tier cat tree

The next is the Molly and Friends “Layabout” which offers 3 tiers and is build to hold up to even the largest and wildest of cats.

Super tall

The last, but not least, was the Molly and Friends “Pinnacle” which is 90 inches tall. It’s very tall, and will give your cat an unforgettable climbing environment right in your living room.

Whether you need a simple structure or one of the tallest, there seems to be something out there for every situation. We like these three quite a bit.