Breath New Life Into An Existing Cat Tree

Do you already own a cat tree?

I have had one, the same one, for about two and a half years now. It is a pretty nice cat tree by any standards, and my three cats really like it. But sometimes it is fun to mix things up a little bit. I like to try to do things with the cat tree that keep it interesting for the cats.

One of the biggest things that they love the most is when my wife and I move the cat tree to a different location. We don’t even really need to change anything else. The cats just like the fact that the tree is sitting in a different spot. They get a renewed energy and interest in the tree simply because of that.

It’s a fun thing to do.

For example, just the other day we were cleaning some carpets. We had to move the cat tree from it’s typical spot by the window. It was only about 2 feet away from where it normally sat. But the cats were all over it. They loved the fact that it was a little out of the norm.

Another thing that was kind of fun to do was leaning the cat tree again some other furniture. The cats loved the fact that it was leaning and they were climbing all over it. We had to keep an eye on it while they were playing, of course, just in case it tipped or something, but the cats were having a great time playing on their leaning cat tower.

Those are the two easiest things that I have come up with to make the cat tree seem more interesting to the cats. Is there anything that you do?

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