What I Don’t Like About My Cat Tree

Hey! Everybody seems to talk about stuff that they like about their cat condos and cat trees. I want to talk about a couple things that I don’t like about mine. The goal here is to maybe share a couple things that might help others. Buying a cat tree can be a little confusing once you see all the different types that are available, so it helps to know what to maybe not look for.

Cat Tree Carpet EdgesOne thing that I don’t like about my cat tree is that is doesn’t have carpet underneath the platforms. The carpet on the top is wrapped down around the side and stapled on the bottom, but there is a large open area on the bottom.

This wasn’t really an issue at first, but now I have to keep clipping little bits of threads and carpet fibers as they unravel and hang from the bottom. The cats like to play with these dangling, unraveling bits of course. But I don’t like to have a bunch of them hanging there. It looks kinda sloppy.

Of course my cat tree is quite heavily used too, so it’s going to experience some wear, but I think I would pay attention to the seams and stitching if I was to look for and buy another. I may even want to try to find something with all carpeted surfaces (even the bottoms of the platforms). Molly and Friends cat trees are built like this, for example.

Cat Tree Carpet Scratching PostAnother thing that I wish was different about the cat tree is the scratching posts. Or somewhat a lack thereof. Mine doesn’t have any sisal-wrapped posts, it’s all carpet. And for some reason, the cats don’t really like scratching on this particular carpet.

It’s probably just the particular type of carpet on this model, since I’ve had carpeted scratching posts that the cats have loved. It might just be bad luck on my part.

To minimize risk in this area, if I was to look for another cat tree, I would simply be sure to find one that has a sisal-wrapped scratching post – or three.

Those are the two main things that bug me about the cat tree that I have in my living room. The cats still love it. So it’s probably more issues that I have with it than issues than the cats have with it.